Our Happy Clients!

After being unwell for 2 years, my garden was a mess but Andi helped me sort everything out. I was so impressed, he even helped me plant a mini-herb garden (I would not have known where to start) and he managed to save most of the plants that had been neglected for so long – excellent service provided, would highly recommend.
I have never been a gardener so moving to a house with a big garden was a bit of a shock but Andi comes by 4 hours a month and keeps things looking perfect, he certainly knows what he is doing. He is very reasonable cost wise and is always professional.
Andi always shows up with a smile, he works hard and I always look forward to seeing the splendid work he does in my garden.

Interview with Andi Smart

I started The Pop-Up Plant Shop as a way to advertise my gardening services – but it has now taken off in to its own little business adventure. I really enjoy doing the plant stalls as I get to talk to people about plants all day!

I can keep costs down because I propagate the majority of the plants myself, the pots you see them in are recycled/second-hand/donated and the compost in which I use is from my own composter. Plants can be really expensive which means, if money is tight, many people would not be in a position to add some greenery to their house/garden, I don’t think this is fair! So part of my ethos is to keep costs low to allow all people access to plants – should this be something of interest to them.

Yes – pleas do! My Pop-Up Plant Shop is set up in my conservatory when I am not at markets so please just drop me an email/text and we can work out a time for you to come over that suits.

Yes, I deliver in and around Bristol for a small fee (£1 per mile)

The sky is my limit right! I would love a plant shop but I am not naïve to the costs associated with that so, for now, just develop the pop up plant shop further over the spring/summer of 2024 and attend lots of markets to spread the word about the gardening services I offer and, may be, get some people interested in giving growing, whether indoor or outdoor, a go!  

When and where will we see you in 2024?

From April to October I attend markets, fairs and festivals to sell a range of indoor and outdoor plants at low prices. Things are pretty quiet this time of year (Jan 2024), the plants are mostly sleeping, but I will update my website as and when I have future stalls. In the meantime, check out the 2 confirmed bookings below:

Thursday 25th January 2024 – The University of West England (UWE) for Wellbeing Week

Saturday 27th April 2024 – BRISTOL BANSHEES FUNDAY, Barton Hill RFC, Duncombe Lane, Speedwell, BS15 1NR (12 to 7pm).